JoinTube – In-movie Meet Up

JoinTube is a smartphone application that can make a meet-up movie, a movie in which you go into a friends’ session and play with them. Share meet-up movies with SNS and have fun!

JoinTube is a movie editing smartphone application that allows a person in a movie to appear in another one.­

JoinTube provides CUT OUT and PASTE, necessary functions for making a meet-up movie.


Google Play で手に入れよう


All you have to do to cut out a person is to enclose him with fingers on the screen.

JoinTube cuts out the person automatically.



All you have to do to enter another movie is to trail the cut-out person with your finger on the screen.

JoinTube pastes the cut-out person moving along the line you trail along.



Length of Movie

You can choose the length of the movie from “1. Length of Entire Pasting Destination movie” and “2. Length of Pasted Part”.


Sound of Movie

JoinTube can play the sound of destination movie and/or that of source movie extracted. You can choose out of 3 types of sound (Destination movie for paste, Source one for extract, or Synthesized).


Let’s enjoy together to make happy movies and share them!


Google Play で手に入れよう

Movies by using JoinTube are Here.


Please let us know when you made funny movies.